What’s Available this Week

Asian Pears – about $2 per pound
Beets – Chioggia (striped red and white), Touchstone Gold, or Red – $3/bunch
Broccoli – $3/bag
Cabbage – Red or Green (Danish Ballhead) – about $2.00 per pound
Cauliflower – White – about $3 per pound
Cauliflower – Purple….Rare Violetto Natalino  limited ,- $4 ea.
Celery – $3/bunch

Chard – Butter, Golden, Ruby, White, Rainbow…$3/bunch
Endive – Scarola – $3/head
Kale – Scarlet, Lacinato, or Vates Curly Blue, Mixed Bouquet  – Special $2/bunchKale Lacinato – for Chips or Juicing- $2 / big bunch – these are large leaves, may have a few holes in them, but are perfect for making chips in the oven or juicing.

New Zealand Spinach – $3/bag

Onion –  Ailsa Craig & Walla Walla sweet –  ~$1 per pound…End of Season Special
Onion –  Sweet reds or Cipolline-  ~$2 per pound
Curley Parsley – $2 big bunch.
Sweet Peppers – Purple, Yellow, Green, or Red  $1 ea…End of Season Special
Potatoes – Bucket a Hill or Yukon Gold – $2/bag
Potatoes – Potato Lovers Bag…big potatoes…~4- 4 1/2 pounds/$8
Potatoes – Ozette – New crop $2/bag
Salad Mix – $3/bag
Winter Squash – – about $1 per pound
      Carnival, Delicata, Honey Boat, Sunshine, Sweet Dumpling, Sweet Mama

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